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The Jazz Misfits was founded in 2012 by trumpeter and bandleader Brent Irwin. Originally
a quintet, including trumpet, trombone and rhythm section, the band focused on jazz standards and explored TV and movie themes. The group enjoyed taking any tune, from classical to rock, and transforming it into jazz. They played swing and Latin standards as well as The Beatles and Bacharach. TV and movie tunes were some of their favorites including several of the great jazz themes from cartoons and comedies of the past.
In 2016 the addition of alto sax proved to be a pivotal moment for the band as it offered the opportunity to write richer, more complicated harmonies for the horn section. Latin tunes soon were filling up the book as well as more and more original charts. The Jazz Misfits continued to grow musically as a group and as individual players.
Today the Jazz Misfits are proud of their first recording effort, A Spot of Blue, recorded at David Lange Studios in Edgewood, WA. Ross Nyberg of Nyberg Mastering added the final touches while the CD disc and cover were designed through Disc Makers. A CD release party is set for June 29th at The Harmon in Tacoma. We hope to see you there.

Jazz Misfits Personnel:


Trumpet: Brent Irwin (Federal Way)  

Alto Sax: Jeff Chang (Tacoma)  

Trombone: Clif Swiggett (Seattle)

Piano: Craig Hoyer (Tacoma)

Bass: John Giuliani (Renton)   

Drums: Dave Hoskin (Auburn) 

Our musicians have BA and MA degrees including performance, music education, music theory and composition. 

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